New York Paranoia

by Tetsuo Kogawa
Polymorphous Space Japanese

I lived in New York City between the late 70s and early 80s. It was the stimulative period of New York that could never happen in the present US situation. In the meantime Rem Koolhass wrote DELIRIOUS NEW YORK. In fact, it was delirious and boosted paranoia.

Pictures : I was taking 35 mm pictures in my long-hour walking.

1976-1979 (B/W) : Chelsea, West Village, and SoHo

1977-03-27 (color): David Peel and Philippe Petit in Washington Square park

1978-1993 (color) : Manhattan and Brooklyn

Radio: I happened to listen to WHBI: the first HipHop station in Newark.

pic WHBI (1983-04-07)

pic WHBI (1983-04-13_1)

pic WHBI (1983-04-13_2)

pic WHBI (1983-04-21_1)

pic WHBI (1983-04-21_2)


picpicDavid S. Lifson initiated me into the lively New York in the 70s.

picIsaac Bashevis Singer talked about Kafka's friend Jacques Levy (Djak Levi, Yitskhof Levi, Jizchak Löwy) and the Yiddish theater. (Tetsuo Kogawa's Interview: April 19, 1977 at his home. [46 min., MP3 26.5MB])

picHarold Clurman talked about his Group Theatre and the political situation of theaters in New York. (Tetsuo Kogawa's Interview: February 19, 1977 at his home. [85 min., MP3 34MB])

picJerzy Grotowski lectured at The Lindisfarne Association for Planetary Culture on March 14, 1977 with an amazing translator Jacques Chwat. [123 min., MP3 56.4MB]

Sid Vicious was reported that he killed his girl frinend Nancy Spangen at the Chelsea Hotel where I had spent just before the incident, and then he died next year. The old clippings:The Soho Weekly News (October 19, 1978), Village Voice (October 23, 1978), New YorkPost (October 23, 1978), Globe And Mail, (Canada, February 3, 1979), Village Voice (February 12, 1979), and The Soho Weekly News (February 8, 1979)

Sol Yurick let me have exciting and profound dialogues on information, media, technology and politics.

John Downing, Sol Yurick, Jim Fleming, Yasunao Tone and I had a Mini FM transmission on May 1, 1986 in Brooklyn.
"Lost-Memory-Lost":An interactive online novel (1997, unfinished Japanese version only).