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Radio Kinesonus on September 4, 2004

"Translocal radio is everywhere"

The usually planned programs for August and September were eventually combined into the special program on September 3. Elisabeth Zimmermann offered us to join to "Re-inventing Radio" event by Kunstradio and Ars Electronica 2004.
The program consisted of Tetsuo's old interviews with Radio Onda Rossa, Radio Popolare, Radio Proletaria in 1984, live telephone talks with DeeDee Halleck in New York and then Jennifer Allora/Guillermo Calzadilla in their Vienna trip on the mobile phone; Reiko's("A Desire of a Greenhead") , Hiroshi's("The circle of the sun"), and Yuichiro's("Sign of rain 2") electronic sounds; Jacques' collective play from Brussels on the phone; a recorded file of Keith's electromagnetic sound scape on the file(he was in Helsinki at the time); an experimental sound of Tomoko Iwashima and her friends from Vancouver by Skype; and Tetsuo's most simplest transmitter performance without any effecter.

 Real files are audible.
Tetsuo Kogawa and the Italian radio in the 80s    Reiko.A     Hiroshi Hasegawa     Jacques Foschia and his friends     Yuichiro Ohmura     Keith de Mendonca     Tetsuo Kogawa    Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla    DeeDee Halleck   

URL: Reiko.A    Hiroshi Hasegawa    Jacques Foschia    Keith de Mendonca    Yuichiro Ohmura    Tetsuo Kogawa