Hack the Classrooms!

Live Performance and Streaming

April 25 - June27, 2002: 15:00 - 17:00 (JST)

"Studio" at Tokyo Keizai University

This project has three targets: to explore new type of performance art, to change the status quo of the education, and to cross the borders of physical and cyber communications. At least in termes of the second, this project was successfull. Today's campus is really boring? There is no chance to revitalize it? This is an answer to such negative feelings on the situation. Without the generous help of Hironobu Oikawa, the director of "Maison Artaud", this project would have never been fulfilled.(Tetsuo Kogawa)

Performer's Profiles

Recorded archives:

June 27:Performance by (1)Hiroshi Yoshimura/Hiroko Yamada (2)Hidehiro Kato/Kazuyoshi Tatemoto/Mafumi Numata (3)Koji Ogushi/Makiko Nagaoka (4)Hiroto Yamashita

June 20:Performance by (1)Hiroto Yamashita/Jun Oikawa, (2)Makiko Nagaoka, and (3)Katsutoshi Mizukawai

June 13:Performance by (1)Koji Ogushi/Hidehiro Kato/Hiroko Kishi, (2)Nonko Ono, and (3)"Shiki"(Gojiro Sakamoto/Yoshifumi Hashimoto)

June 6:Performance by (1)Mihoko Murata/Takeshi Yamaguchi, (2)Hiroko Yamada, and (3)Hiroto Yamashita/Hiroko Kishi/Tsugumi Tsukada

May 30: Performance by (1)Katsutoshi Mizukawa, (2)Hiroko Kishi, and (3)Koji Ogushi

May 23: Performance by (1)Kakushin Nishihara and Makiko Nagaoka, (2)Nao Asanuma and Tetsuo Kogawa and (3)Katsutoshi Mizukawa and etc.

May 16: Performance by (1)Katsutoshi Mizukawa and Hiroto Yamashita (2)Mafumi Numata and Yukiko Ito (3)Hiroko Yamada (4)Kouji Ogushi

May 9: Performance by (1)"Shiki" (Gojiro Sakamoto and Yoshifumi Hashimoto) (2)Hidehiro Kato and Makiko Nagaoka

May 2: Performance by (1)Koji Ogushi (2)Mihoko Murata and Tetsuo Kogawa (3)Hiroto Yamashita

April 25: Dance Workshop by Hironobu Oikawa  with  (1)Makiko Nagaoka and Mihoko Murata (2)Mafumi Numata and Yoshifumi Hashimoto (3)Katsutoshi Mizukawa and Hiroko Kishi

Video: Hidehiro Kato and Jun Oikawa/Sound: Takashi Genma/Streaming: Kenji Maehara
Contact:mail to Tetsuo Kogawa (polym@translocal.jp)