People got together.

What was the Another Mosaic Party?

My basic point is to squeeze a physical "temporary autonomous zone" (body element) among the otherwise closed circuit of electronics.

We exchanged image-files by email of the Internet and the eventually obtained files were printed out into papers and they were shown as a mosaic on the floor of Goethe Gallery. Everything happened in live.

The theme or motif was "network and the state control". Therefore many participants sent images with their critiques against the Japanese situation of expression where nudity and critical images against the Emperor family are censored.

It is desirable that the participants used different protocols. A few people could use MIME to send images as an attachment. Others are familiar with NeXT Mail. Even X-modem could send images by binary mode. However we did use only E-mail in order to send images. Why? Because I thought that hodgepodge situation of protocols and machines were more creative rather than negative. As you estimate, to exchange image-files by email needs a little bit troublesome operations to convert files and decode... by "uuencode/uudecode", "UUtool", "Uulite", "BinHex" and so on. However, I thought such stupid operations would widen our physical autonomous zone that should be indispensable for performance arts and media arts. The fact was that we very much enjoyed the party.

Tetsuo Kogawa